Student Online Registration

Fri, 06/08/2018 - 8:18am
Student Registration Process
If your student is new to the Howard County School System or your student is transferring from another Howard County School, please visit the HCPSS Enrollment Page on the county website.
(If your student is transferring from another Howard County School, your student will remain in their current school until schools reopen.)

Frequently Asked Questions regarding enrollment.


Downloadable Instructions


      Required documents include:

    • Parent/guardian identification
    • Lease or deed
    • Utility bill
    • Student evidence of birth
    • Proof of parental/guardian relationship
    • Proof of immunizations
    • Special Education or related services documents (if applicable)


Once you have completed the online process, you will be contacted by Amanda Peterson. HCPSS understands uploading all documents into the online registration portal may pose a challenge. Mrs. Peterson will work with you on alternative methods for securing the necessary documents. 

Any family who does not have access to a computer, or who has any questions or concerns regarding the registration process, should contact Mrs. Amanda Peterson at


If you are currently experiencing homelessness, temporary hardship, or a unique living situation, please contact Mrs. Shereima Smith, our Pupil Personnel Worker, at