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School Overview

Front Office Hours:  8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Teaching Staff Hours:  7:40 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.
Front Office/Administrators: 410-313-8711 (P)  |  410-313-8091 (F)
Student Services/Guidance:  410-313-8247 (P) | 410-313-8248 (F) report an absence TVMSAbsence@hcpss.org

Health Room/Nurse: 410-313-8714

The path to middle school success includes great leadership, engaged instructional staff, and engaged students. At TVMS, we raise and purposefully develop each unique strength for students and staff so we can influence others and create an innovating and caring learning environment for all.

Thomas Viaduct was designed to lead in both energy and design, making students the forefront of every facet of our practice. Our three TVMS “touchstones” infuse every aspect of this innovative learning environment and involve every member of the school community: connect, collaborate, and create.

CONNECT – Students and teachers will discover their natural strengths and interests. Classroom projects will connect learning activities with the larger world through advanced technology. Families will be invited to take an active role in learning activities and school events.

COLLABORATE – Students will regularly work on learning projects in small groups to solve problems and practice life and work skills. Teams of teachers will create cross-content lessons and share resources. Families will be invited to take an active role in school events and instructional planning, and collaborate with educators to foster each child’s success.

CREATE – Classrooms will be creative learning environments where art, music, and technology are infused throughout all subject areas. Each child will have opportunities to excel in the classroom through creative projects that tap into individual strengths and interests. Families will be encouraged to explore enrichment resources and share how learning relates to the outside world, both at home and at school. Four innovative signature programs will engage every TVMS student in learning and inspire their personal growth. These initiatives offer excellent potential to enhance teaching and learning at TVMS.


The Thomas Viaduct Railroad Bridge was completed in 1835 as the very first multiple arch stone railroad bridge in the nation. It was constructed as a part of the Baltimore and Ohio (B & O) railroad between the communities of Relay and Elkridge and served as the first rail line into Washington, D.C. The viaduct consists of 8 arches 614 feet in length and 60 feet above the Patapsco River. It is unique in that it was designed in a curved manner to conform with the surrounding geography, and was built using unique trapezoidal piers to accommodate the curved design. Designed by Benjamin Henry Latrobe, it was originally called “Latrobe’s Folly” because many feared it would not stand. It is named for Phillip Thomas, who was the first president of the B & O Railroad. The viaduct was a vital rail link during the Civil War and was guarded by Union troops. It is still in use today, which provides testament to the ingenious design concept.

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LEED Certification

Logo: 2015 LEED Silver Certification

Thomas Viaduct Middle School was given a LEED certified Silver Status in 2015.

LEED is an internationally recognized green building certification system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. Thomas Viaduct Middle School is among a small percentage of Howard County and Maryland schools to have earned LEED certification, which recognizes a commitment to environmental sustainability. 

School Profile: Thomas Viaduct Middle School
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MSDE School Report Card
The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) School Report Card reflects overall school performance using a combination of academic and school quality indicators.

Community Superintendent

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Community Superintendent Area 2: Jennifer A Robinson

Board of Education Representative

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TVMS BOE Representative: Christina Delmont-Small