TVMS Community Message - April 27, 2020

Fri, 04/03/2020 - 4:47pm

Dear Thomas Viaduct Middle School Families,


Our first week of virtual learning went smoothly for both students and staff. Attendance at virtual check-ins has been high, and the level of engagement between teachers and students has been amazing. Staff are ecstatic about reconnecting with their students and returning to a new normal when it comes to teaching and learning. I have been so impressed with the transition our staff and students have made to this new learning environment.The success of this past week is in huge part to our amazing parents who are at home, balancing work and home life, supporting students online, and navigating a new system. I know with your continued support, we will continue to have an invigorating learning experience that meets the needs of your student.

As we become more comfortable in this virtual space, we will continue to look for ways in which we can better support our families at home. We have provided online scheduling templates and organizers, and teachers are individually sharing best practices with their students, so they can successfully manage their online learning. Our Media Center staff will also be providing virtual drop-in sessions for students for media and/or technology support. The information details for the sessions are posted on the TVMS Student Resource Calendar.

Our goal is to provide you with ongoing support and answer any questions as they arise. The administrative team can be reached during the school day via email with any questions or concerns. Also, beyond your student’s teachers, we have a whole support team of front office and student services staff that are available to help and assist as needed. There are two ways you can reach TVMS staff. All staff have email addresses that can be found on our TVMS website. Also, any messages that are left on the school answering machine are retrieved remotely on a daily basis and routed to the appropriate staff member for response. For your convenience, we are providing the following staff contacts for specific topics or questions:

Front Office
Staff Name Staff Title Staff Email
Polly Weber Principal’s Secretary
Jennifer Soler Teachers' Secretary
Tanji Johnson Teachers' Secretary
Cheryl Harris School Nurse
Student Services
Staff Name Staff Title Staff Email
Amanda Peterson Guidance Secretary
Michelle Mackall Data Clerk
Ashley Harig Counselor (A-K)
Nicole Raines Counselor (L-Z)
Alesia Blosser School Psychologist
Shereima Smith Pupil Personnel Worker
Yasieth Castillo Hispanic Achievement Liaison
Jalen Swain Black Student Achievement Liaison

As we start quarter four today, important county information regarding attendance and grading can be found in this school message. Please review the information with your student, so they can be aware of the quarter four protocol.


Stay safe and healthy.

Shiney Ann John

HCPSS Continuity of Learning Updates

Attendance: Regular and active student participation is the key to student achievement and growth, both in the traditional classroom setting and during distance learning. Students are expected to engage in Continuity of Learning lessons and activities every week. Beginning Monday, April 27, 2020, teachers at all levels will document student attendance using a point system based on student participation in learning activities each week. Students earning the required minimum number of points will be marked "present" for the week; those earning fewer points will be marked "absent." Specific indicators that will be used for each level are provided online. 

Fourth Quarter Grading: Find detailed information online.

Virtual Classroom Expectations for Students and Parents/Guardians: Students at all levels are now engaging in virtual class check-in sessions on Google Meet. To ensure a positive, productive, and enjoyable learning experience for all participants, it is important that all students and parents/guardians adhere to theseGoogle Meet Expectations, which include online behaviors for students and privacy guidelines for parents. 

Redistricting: While school building closures have required some modifications to the process, supporting students and families through the transition to a new school is of utmost importance and continues to be a priority as we move forward. As soon as the Board's decision was announced on November 21, 2019, staff in all divisions moved quickly to assure a smooth transition to the adopted school boundaries for the next school year. Many students and families have already been welcomed by their new schools, and schools have made plans to host student visits, open houses, summer activities, and other "getting acquainted" activities for new students and families. Staff will continue to share between schools all important information to ensure each child will thrive in their new placement. More information on the transition process and supporting students at a new school is provided online.

Devices for Distance Learning: FedEx backlogs have delayed delivery of some devices. Teachers have been informed of delays and will be flexible with students. Families who need to borrow a device may submit a new or updated request via HCPSS Connect. Details on student technology devices, including technology requirements and instructions for requesting a device, can be found online. We know some needs may change as students and families begin to follow their respective Continuity of Learning Schedules.