Updated HCPSS Family Math Support Center Information

Fri, 01/29/2021 - 4:09pm

The Office of Secondary Mathematics has been working on updates to the online HCPSS Family Math Support Center, specifically resources to support students and families who have mathematics semester one and for those who will be taking mathematics semester two.

For students taking mathematics now, during semester 1, Math 6 (Gr. 6), Pre-Algebra GT (Gr. 6), Math 7 (Gr. 6/7), Math 8 (Gr. 7/8), MS Algebra I (& GT), and MS Geometry GT, the following mathematics courses are helpful to support your student and strengthen skills and standards. You can find these updated resources under the Middle School Math drop-downs. Note that the Illustrative Mathematics video lesson summaries (helpful videos for review purposes) are provided for units 1-7. 

The "Get Ready Mathematics" courses are resources that may be good for students and families who are looking for extra support to prepare them for second semester mathematics courses or to keep math skills current. Also, for a student who had mathematics semester one, you can look at the "Get Ready Mathematics" to either review prior knowledge or prep for your student's next math class in the fall of 2021. The "Get Ready Mathematics" courses through Khan Academy are available for Math 6Pre-Algebra GTMath 7Math 8Algebra I, MS Geometry GTAlgebra II, and Precalculus.